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Concept and Design

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My concept is Vivify. It means giving a new life for people, to recreate and renovate lives.This is the mood i want to create within my Street.I also came up with a sub concept as Sense. As it take part a major role in shopping. Sense like hearing, touch, smell,sight and taste.For an example touch takes part in feeling the material, though hearing could hear the value of items. part a major role in shopping.This lead me to my design drivers to achieve the end design.ImageImageImageImageImage

Inspiration and Site

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As i faced certain difficulties in finding a closed road, I selected a site located opposite Beira Lake which was also known as the Colombo Commercial Company(CCC) before it was shut down due to  illegal charges and for few other court cases. The main reason for me to choose this area was because of the magnificent British architecture and the history of this site.

Site and site analysis

I was inspired by Venice, in Las Vegas, which had a concept of an enclosed street,with the same mood as in a street.   This inspired me to create the High Street in an enclosed space, where people feel more entertained, relaxed and finds shopping a pleasure rather than a hassle.

Venice, Las Vegas

Journey to The High Street

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As an interior design student studying in Academy of Design. I was assigned to choose a project of any desire. And i chose The High Street. (example of a high street)

An example for a high street in Victoria street – Edingburgh

As an individual i feel there is no proper street to shop in Colombo to enjoy shopping, other than the streets of Pettah. Which is the commercial shopping entity within Colombo. (Pictures of Pettah)

Busy streets in Pettah with vehicles and people.

But many avoid because of congestion of people and vehicles. Also the Pettah market is dominated by the males, the ladies do not feel free to shop and avoid shopping due to the lack of security and comfort. These were some problems which lead to design a space where these problems could be minimized.